The ongoing transformation of Saudi Arabia under the Vision 2030 plan is unlocking new opportunities at an unprecedented pace. The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) is facilitating access to these opportunities by developing a vibrant cross-government investment ecosystem, while supporting businesses throughout their investment journey.

Through a network of dynamic business centers across the Kingdom, MISA partners with local and international businesses of all scales and sizes—from startups to blue chip multinationals—to help make investing in the Kingdom as streamlined and simple as possible.

MISA takes a lead role in improving Saudi Arabia’s overall business environment, commissioning multiple market intelligence studies every year and developing local opportunities for joint ventures.

The ministry of investment is one of the most important entities in the kingdom and one that is vital to the vision 2030.

We were assigned a year contract to supply services such as:

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We worked on designing a full on communication strategy for all new programs and existing ones that are projected

to launch in 2023. Strategies included long term and short term goals, marketing objectives, target audience…etc.


Working on creating internal and external brands that match each strategy for programs that are planned to launch in 2023. Branding included a full scoop from logo design, print material, digital mock-ups, social media design, color theory and brand book guidelines.


Working on creating a verbal guideline to be used in all communication at MISA, social media, news, internal and external and formal top level communication.


Working on building a full library of photos for the ministry to help enrich the new designs and branding projects within the ministry.

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01 Strategy

02 Branding

03 Design

04 Content creation

05 Campaign strategy

and launching

06 Marketing


07 Presentation design

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